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ROSA Interchangeable Charms For Bracelets And Necklaces

We have many charms which we think are suitable for a bracelet, you can see them by clicking on the categories above. Some of our ROSA charms are quite large and therefore quite heavy, others are smaller and lighter. The heavier ones are in the Pendants section, and we feel that the selection of our charms in this section are better suited to our bracelets, and others on necklaces, so we have given you some suggestions about what we think works best where - although feel free ultimately to make your own choices - our guides are just our thoughts on what looks best

What makes our charms different?

Our charms are collected and curated from around the world. Most of them are antique or vintage charms which we have cast from originals which we own in our personal collection, and in many cases it is most unlikely you will see them in any other shop or website. Others are ones we have made and so are completely unique to us.

Many companies sell charms which they say have "meanings" or "values", but in many cases this is superficial and merely driven by commerciality. Because our charms were born from a lifetimes passion fuelled collecting, they come from the heart. If we didn't love the original we won't pass on its karma to you.

True meaning is tremendously important to us. In many cases our charms represent hours, days, months or years of searching. We want you to feel as moved by our charms as we did when we found the piece that inspired them They all have meanings and history unique to each of them, but we want you to make them your own talismans for a modern life.

To make it easy for you to find what you are looking for we have categorised our charms into groups

Main Charm Groups

Silver Charms - This category lists all the silver charms that we have on our website, so you can see everything in silver in one place. We will always have stocks of these but iff they are out of stock, then you can reserve one them by simply putting them in your shopping bag

Gemstone Charms - This category lists all the gemstone charms we have available on the website. Due to their nature, these are ever changing and we may only have limited stocks, so some of them would technically be limited edition gemstone charms

Other Charm Groups

Charms for love - these are charms which traditionally have meanings or were given as sentiments of love

Charms for friendship - these are charms which are tokens of friendship or loyalty

Nature Charms - These charms are influenced by or cast from the natural world around us. These charms have special meanings that often date back 1000s of years. Mother earth, the green man and the natural world were revered by our ancestors, and in this way the tiny tokens of woodland and hedgerow became sacred. In this case we have grouped these as charms sourced from land, such as leaves, seeds, animals and birds as the seashore category deals with those from the sea

Seashore Or Sea Charms - These charms are artefacts of, or influenced by the sea. These can include man made artefacts, like anchor charms, or sea creatures. Like nature charms , many of them have meanings and lore borne from antiquity.

Spiritual Charms - These charms are associated with spiritual meaning. These charms can be originally religious, such as our ethiopian crosses, or perhaps be imbued with spiritual meaning from distant cultures and ancestors. Some of them are well known, others not so. All carefully chosen for their individuality and historical meaning they are food for the eye and as well as for the soul.

Lucky Charms - our lucky charms are not just ones we have made and called "charms for luck". These are charms which have been deemed lucky for hundreds of years collected from around the world. Ultimately we think you make your own luck. but a charm might help !

Some of our charms appear in more than one category because some charms have more than one meaning, so make sure you browse around if you are looking for something in particular. If you are looking for something in particular which isn't here, contact us- this website is a work in progress and some of our charms don't appear here yet, so we may have something in our studio that is perfect for you - just ask ! As this website is a work in progress we are always adding more pictures. If you would like to see pictures of our various Rosa charms and pendants to scale, then please visit our Rosa charms page on Pinterest
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