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Japanese Buddha Teardrop Charm

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About the item

Born as far as we know around 566 BC in Nepal, Buddha became know as "The one who follows in the path of his predecessors" by his disciples. Later worshippers came to know him through various symbols and images which reflected his life, teaching and meditation techniques. In short however, the Buddha has come to stand for enlightenment and the cycle of life and death, Karma and rebirth - the states of a perfect life, and perhaps one to which we would all like to aspire. The ways in which Buddha is represented often reflect the stages of his life and teaching and each of our buddha's is a different cultural representation from a different part of the world. Some are more westernized representations, some more traditional and naive. Choose your favourite and make it your own amulet for a busy world, a symbol of peace, inner calm and happiness.

This little charm, with a raised depiction of bhudda on the front, is cast from a pre 1940s bronze japanese amulet which would have been carried in a pocket or bag. Bhuddism is practiced by about 70% of people in Japan, hand in hand with Shinto, Japans' indigenous spirituality whose practices link its ancient past and its modern day present.

Combine him with other charms (we like him with our guardian angel and victorian anchor) or wear him alone as you will. Japanese Bhudda is lightly oxidised to bring out his detail, but this will eventually wear back to give an attractive aged patina.

Length = 2.5cm (1.0 inches)
Width = 2.1cm (0.8 inches)
Weight = 4.9g


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