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Small Ribbed Sterling Silver Ammonite Charm

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About the item

As a child, I loved collecting fossils on the beach on holiday, especially when we went to Charmouth in Dorset, where I could find my favourite fossils, amonites. I always considered them perfect in their geometric simplicty, and was constantly striving to find the next, most perfect one. Sadly, ammonites fossils often decay from a disease caused by oxidisation, leaving only a pile of dust. When I noticed this was starting to happen with some favourites, I acted quickly and made molds so I could recast them into silver, in order that they would be preserved forever. The ammonite has long fascinated humans and been carried as a talisman - their spiraled shaped and endless coil is taken to signify the shape of the horns of Ammon, the egyptian god of life and reproduction. They were also interpreted as snakes turned to stone by earlier cultures and assumed to be the product of Saints who petrified serpents- and were thus regarded as lucky talismans with healing or divine powers. Modern Folklore has translated this to a form which signifies eternity, and therefore good fortune, but whatever you choose to believe, the ammonite is an enduringly beautiful form. This small form is another perfect British ammonite from the Dorset coast, measuring in at 12mm x 10mm. Combine it with one of our seashell pendants or with a striking stone pendant for a contemporary look.

Length = 1.2cm (0.5 inches)
Width = 1cm (0.4 inches)


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