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Snowflake Obsidian Pebble Charm Pendant

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About the item

Lovely tactile black obsidian pebbles are spotted with christobalite to form white spots in this volcanicly formed glass, giving its charecteristic "snowflakes". Chunky pebbles look stunning with any outfits, and with each measuring approx 20mm x 20mm, they are striking enough to be worn alone or teamed with a silver charm for greater effect. Obsidian has been popular for many thousands of years, and early cultures utilised its glossy sheen, and sharp natural conchoidal fractures to turn it advantageously to use as blades in knives, spears and arrowheads. Such is the clean fracture of Obsidian that some surgeons choose to use it as as scalpel even today - its clean cuts means incisions and wounds left from it heal more rapidly than with steel blades, and scar less easily. Ornamentally it was known to the people of the ancient Americans of Easter Island (who used it for the eyes of their giant statues) and the Greeks. On a more advanced note, its often used by Technics as the plinth for Audio Systems. We just love its clean glossy sheen and natural feel, and tactile pebble shape !

Length = 2cm (0.8 inches)
Width = 2cm (0.8 inches)
Weight = 25g


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