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Sterling Silver Chess Horse Head Charm Pendant

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About the item

This little charm is modelled as a Knight chess piece. Actually, "Knight" chess pieces are symbolic of a Knight's charger, and show the high ranking nature of a Knight's status - only men of wealth and rank could become Knights. As chess pieces, the knight is a representation of divine law - the divine law which we all have to take into account in all our actions. This is shown in chess by the fact that a Knight can make an "L" shaped move and leap over other pieces - a move that no one else could possibly make - the move of the divine. Finely carved and solid, our little Knight charm was inspired by an original 1970s charm, and measures 30mm x 14mm at widest points. Wear it and remind yourself that anything is possible with strength and skill and forethought

Length = 3cm (1.2 inches)
Width = 1.4cm (0.6 inches)
Weight = 8.3g


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